Session 3 Player Prep Document

Hey guys, here's a refresher and a few other notes that might help you get ready for session 3.


First things first: Experience. You each get 2025 experience points, which is the sum total from all of the encounters in the past 2 sessions. We are currently running on the medium exp track, so you both have just enough to reach level 2, (you will need 5000 to reach level 3 and 9000 to reach level 4). we can tweak this in the future if it becomes too slow or fast, but it's about where I want to have it at the moment.


That means you should all have your characters sheets up to level 2 before we play again. Let me know if you need any help with the details, but it's all pretty straightforward. The only campaign specific thing to note is: if you want to learn the unknown language/script you've encountered along the way, you should put a skill point into linguistics.


The last time you played, a lot of things happened, so it might be a good idea to review what 'quests' you are working on at the moment.


Your 'Main Quest' remains to 'Find Khonnir Baine' and 'Relight the Town's Torch'. You know that Khonnir's expedition did not return from the caves under the town and the Skulks suggested he had passed through the circular door in the large metal wall at the end of the caves. You don't know much about the torch going out, other than it coincided with a 'pink/purple' haired woman and her entourage entering the caves. If you can recover Khonnir or his body, the town will pay your party 4000gp and they will pay and additional 4000gp if you can relight the torch.


You also have a number of 'Side Quests' on the go, though, I wouldn't really think of them as such. There's no 100% completion achievement in this campaign; this is your story, so it's probably better to think of them as opportunities. Regardless, here's the list:


Invitation to Silverdisk Hall: Silverdisk Hall, Torch's premier, (and only), gambling establishment, is owned by one Garmen Ulreth. In appreciation for your service to the town of Torch, Ulreth has extended you an invitation to visit the Silverdisk Hall, as well as given you each a 100gp voucher for the games there.


You don't know much more than that at this stage about The Silverdisk Hall or Garmen Ulreth.


Learning the Unknown Language: You've been taking notes on the strange sounds uttered by the mechanical construct you fought earlier, and have picked up several metal plates with engravings you suspect to be a the script of a mysterious language.


You might be able to find someone in town who specializes in ancient Numerian artifacts that could help you decipher them. (Note that if you put that point into linguistics, you will eventually figure it all out yourself, it just might take a while longer.)


The Unconscious Drow: You found a comatose woman in the caves below the town. Apart from some bruising and possible indications she might have been in a struggle, you couldn't find any reason for her coma like-state. You brought her back to the Temple of Brigh and placed her in the care of Joram. You later found out her name was Malxena Waits, Marshal Waits' wife.


At some point you should check in to see how Joram, Malxena and the Marshal are doing. Since you need to see Joram for the water breathing spell anyway, you'll probably be in a position to see at least one of them.


The Skulks Pet: During your adventures in the caves, you encountered, killed and subsequently ate, the Skulks' lost pet lizard. Quiss seems to feel particularly bad about this and has captured an albatross, (that just happened to be in the town, in the middle of a desert-like wasteland, hundreds of miles from the sea), with the intent of offering it to Sef, the Skulks' leader, who herself is somewhat enamoured of Quiss.


There are a few things we have yet to iron out (how best to handle loot, encumbrance and shopping – mostly things I need to get better at sorting out beforehand), but let me know if there are things you want to do/could be done better and I'll see what I can do.


Also note that I'll be keeping the tradition of awarding 100 bonus exp for adventure logs should you ever feel like writing one.

Session 3 Player Prep Document

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